Mobile Banner Test 283×36

Mobile-Leaderboard-283x36Per my plan: The 468 X 60 banner size is the size I intend to use for inline-content ads (so for example, imagine a banner at the top of the post, just above the title on this page – – that would also show on MOBILE display sizes).  It will be easy enough to add in that info on page 3.  Also on page 3, we need to let advertisers know that the custom 615 X 76 is simply a slightly reduced leaderboard; we can scale down their files or they can. The aspect ratio is the same (so if they have a standard leaderboard, they have an ad to fit this custom space) Page 4 is where the addition of “inline-content” ads would add a #6, and would require another screenshot of sorts….that could screw Linda up a bit and require a rework.  I could see adding a second page, moving the MOBILE category view to a 2nd page, along with both a full resolution and mobile resolution shot of an individual article (if I generate that, what article would you want me to usePage 12 – your terms are for print; I think you’ll need some new terms for Digital, which include perhaps the facts that newsletters are not always sent out, that website traffic fluctuates etc.

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