Seachem Launches “JOLT” Caffeine Dosing System For Aquarists

07 Mar, 2023

The new JOLT Caffeine Supplement from aquarium specialist Seachem increases alertness and enhances aquarists.
The new JOLT Caffeine Supplement increases alertness and enhances mood…in aquarists, says aquarium specialist Seachem.

via Seachem

If you’re a fan of Seachem products and a coffee drinker, then the Georgia-based company’s latest product introduction will surely be a must-have.

Yes, it’s an entirely new caffeine dosing system for the aquarist. The new Seachem “JOLT” comes in a set of two, ensuring you always have a clean caffeine delivery vessel, or allowing you to share one with a friend!

Seachem's JOLT will elevate an aquarist's mood in the morning, and help aquarists overcome any afternoon energy slumps.
Seachem’s JOLT will elevate an aquarist’s mood in the morning, and help aquarists overcome any afternoon energy slumps.

There’s no word on how long Seachem will offer this unique product line for aquarists, so don’t miss out. $35 per set of two, and it looks like you’ll get free shipping on that too. Learn more at

Just to be clear…they’re coffee mugs with the fictitious, parody branding. But they are apparently quite real. Have a great laugh, and enjoy your favorite brew.

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