New MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR

18 Nov, 2022

The latest variation of MicroTanks from Oceanbox Designs sports the Deco Dock display stand, creating a minimalist, floating illusion for the aquarium's support structure.
The latest variation of MicroTanks from Oceanbox Designs in Rowlett, Texas, sports the Deco Dock display stand, creating a minimalist, floating illusion for the one-gallon aquarium’s support structure.

via Oceanbox Designs

Introducing our new MicroTank® Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR (Architectural Illusion Rendering) – A micro aquarium that seamlessly integrates aesthetics, engineering, architecture, electronics, and reefing into one system unlike any other! It is a precise measure of structural engineering that deliberately obscures your view giving it a floating appearance!

The new AIR is a micro-reef display that gives the illusion of being supported by minimal support, making for a captivating display! The 30-lb holding capacity gives you absolute confidence it can hold the full setup, including water, rock, and light.

The AIR MicroTank is available in 4 base configurations, with either rimmed or clear covers, and without light or with a custom 18W 20,000K light (PRO versions). ($250-$335, depending on options with free shipping at current time.)

The MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR is designed, engineered, and hand-built in Texas, USA!

See the full range of MicroTanks and accessories, and learn more at


Watch an earlier video showing the setup of another MicroTank from the P-1G series of pico aquarium from Oceanbox Designs

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  1. January 30, 2023

    The MicroTank is a great innovation in the world of aquariums. Its minimalist design and illusion of floating make it a stunning addition to any room. It would also be ideal for shrimp hobbyists as the 30-lb holding capacity can easily accommodate a complete setup for a thriving shrimp tank. I’m looking forward to ordering one for my cherry shrimp as it recommended by

    It looks to only be 1 gallon but does anyone have any concerns with about 5-10 cherry shrimp?

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