VIDEO: In-Situ Rio Xingu Gold Nugget Pleco Footage

25 Oct, 2022

Dr. Leandro Sousa dives into the Rio Xingu to bring you exceptional biotope footage and insights.
Dr. Leandro Sousa dives into the Rio Xingu to bring you exceptional biotope footage and insights.

AMAZONAS contributor Leandro Sousa frequently shares amazing content on his YouTube channel, and this in-situ exploration of Cachoeira do Espelho on the Rio Xingu perfectly illustrates why understanding the native habitats of our aquarium fishes is so important. Sousa’s footage and narration may be transformative for the captive husbandry of one of our hobby’s more iconic fishes, the Gold Nugget Pleco (Baryancistrus xanthellus).

“The water here is hot,” says Sousa. “It is 32 degrees (90F), sometimes even 33 degrees (92F), but with a lot of movement which is what guarantees oxygenation. This is one of the species that I find the most difficult to keep in an aquarium, precisely because it needs very warm and very oxygenated water.” Note, even during the rainy season, Sousa reports the Xingu’s river temperatures are around 28-29 C (82-84F).

Sousa’s video covers so much more than the iconic Gold Nugget Pleco, showcasing several species of native characins and cichlids, giving aquarists a significantly deeper understanding of this biotope. Stories like these, whether brought to you through videos like this or the pages of AMAZONAS, will make you a better, more successful aquarist! It is absolutely worth the watch!

Watch Now: Join Leandro Sousa on his dive into the waters of the Rio Xingu.

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