Hikari’s new FujiMac High-Volume Air Pump Line

18 Oct, 2022

Hikari USA is introducing the FujiMac product line, bringing quality Japanese high-volume air pumps to the U.S. market.
Hikari USA is introducing the FujiMac product line, bringing quality Japanese high-volume air pumps to the U.S. market.

via Hikari USA

Announced this week, Hikari Sales USA has unveiled a new line of high-volume air pumps destined to compete with large-scale air pump brands like Alita and Jehmco. These types of diaphragm air pumps are typically installed in fishrooms and aquarium shops, delivering air to dozens or hundreds of aquariums, and are significantly quieter than noisy “blowers” that are more commonly seen these days in larger-scale commercial applications (large retailers, wholesalers, hatcheries and other industrial settings).

Inside the FujiMac central air pump.
Inside the FujiMac central air pump.

Says Hikari, FijiMac air pumps offer “Japanese quality that provides outstanding performance with energy saving benefits, ease of use, long life and easy replacement of wearing parts. Simply the best air pump your hard-earned money can buy today!”

FujiMac Central Air Pumps, At A Glance:

Quality Beyond Compare

  • Uses up to 40% less power than competitors, offering almost twice the air per watt
  • Highly perfected low-noise design
  • Proprietary auto-stopper system eliminates damage risk

Built To Last

  • Almost 30% less heat generation than the competition
  • Specially coated, aluminum die-cast housing to weather any storm
  • Diaphragm designed with decades of experience
  • 2-year unconditional warranty

Maintenance In Minutes

  • Auto stopper reduces accidental damage
  • Fewer replacement parts means lower downtime
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts reduces long-term cost

Models start at 1.4 CFM utilizing just 24 watts and emitting only 37 db of noise, up to a 10.6 CFM unit consuming 250 watts and a noise level of only 50 db.

For more information and a complete listing of all the FujiMac central air pump models, visit https://www.hikariusa.com/water_quality_folder/fujimac.html

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