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15 Sep, 2022

Aquarforest's new Life Bio Fil, is available in 1 kg and 5 kg packages (not to scale).
Aquarforest’s new Life Bio Fil, is available in 1 kg and 5 kg packages (not to scale).

via Aquaforest

Seeing thousands of reefers struggle with new tank syndrome and the uglies or old tank syndrome crash a tank, our team of chemists and biotechnologists set out on a journey to create a sustainable and renewable product to help reefers prevent the uglies and create a more biologically diverse and stable mature reef tank.

After significant research and development, Life Bio Fil was born. Yes. born. It is the only living bio media on the market. We’ve cultured a proprietary blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that is ready to start working the moment it is added to a reef tank.

Life Bio Fil is a natural biological filtration media. Due to carefully selected bacterial strains, it initiates and supports the nitrification process which accelerates maturity. Life Bio Fil is the perfect filtration media for newly established tanks. Life Bio Fil will also increase the efficiency of filtration in older, already functioning tanks. Due to the content of bacteria, it starts the nitrification process almost immediately – there’s no need to wait for the settlement of the medium.

Life Bio Fil should be placed in the sump in a good water flow. 1000 ml medium should be used in an aquarium with a capacity of 400 l. We recommend replacing 10 -20 % of the filling every 6 weeks.

Watch the video introduction of Life Bio Fil


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