AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents September/October 2022

15 Aug, 2022

Click cover to order this back issue for your AMAZONAS collection.
Click cover to order this back issue for your AMAZONAS collection.



5 Letter From the Editor by Courtney Tobler
6 Viewpoint
• Bans galore!
by Stephan M. Tanner, Ph.D.
• Considering conservation from a new perspective
by Frank Schäfer
16 Aquatic Notebook
Weird Waters® now streaming on Peacock
by 9 Story™ Distribution
• Digitizing old fish slides
by Don Danko

20 Conservation breeding projects of the ÖVVÖ compilation
by the Austrian Association for Vivaristics and Ecology
28 Conservation in the aquarium hobby: concepts and goals
by Wolfgang Staeck
36 Snakeheads and conservation — A contradiction in terms?
by Dominik Niemeier
46 Captive Maintenance and Conservation of Fishes
compiled and augmented by Kathrin Glaw
54 Husbandry and Breeding: Conservation breeding of the catfish Scleromystax prionotos
by Roman Lechner
58 Reportage — Hiking for gobies: A vertical search for Hawaii’s native fishes
by Alex Rose
68 Reportage — New fishes from the Río Amaya in Peru
by Oliver Lucanus
76 DIY Corner — A curved lava rock wall for your Hamburg Mattenfilter
by Patrick Doyle
80 Notes From The Field: Something old, something new — White Cloud Mountain minnows
by Hans-Georg Evers
86 Keeping The Cast: Steady from Weird Waters®
by Courtney Tobler

88 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events
by Janine Banks
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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