MACNA Keynote Address and Speaker Lineup

22 Jul, 2022

A sampling of eight currently scheduled speakers who will present at MACNA 2022
A sampling of eight currently scheduled speakers who will present at MACNA 2022

After a two-year hiatus forced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, MACNA, the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, will return to the in-person format so many aquarists know and love. The marine aquarium convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from September 9th through 11th. Learn more about attending at

True to the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) mission of marine aquarium education, MACNA features a deep lineup of expert speakers on a wide range of topics that will intrigue and inspire every marine aquarist.

This week MACNA has all but completely revealed the speaker lineup for the 2022 MACNA. Speakers include:

  • Richard Ross – Controlling Algae in your Aquarium
  • Dr. Sanjay Joshi – Managing Nitrates in a Reef Aquarium – The Different Strategies and Approaches
  • Dr. Liz Marcio – Aquarium Keeping: A Science Education via Osmosis
  • Dr. Greg Barord – Inspiring Future Minds. Educating the next generation on professional marine aquarists.
  • Dr. Jamie Craggs – Spawning and rearing ‘Scolys’ (Homophyllia australis) and other LPS coral in aquariums. Potential for sustainable coral production?
  • Dennis (Tigahboy) – A Growing Trend: Marine Macroalgae Tanks
  • Dr. Ben Titus – Solving the Evolutionary Mystery of the Clownfish-Sea Anemone Symbiosis
  • Sid Stetson – How Less-than-Ideal Water Chemistry Affects the Health of your System and Animals
  • Marc Levenson – ICP and Additives – How to Correct your Inadequacies
  • Joe Yaiullo – The Hard Reboot of a 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank
  • Travis Knorr & Dr. Mick Walsh –  Garage-a-Culture! Starting an aquaculture company at home
  • Dr. Craig Bingman – A Brief History of Calcification: From Limewater to Everything Else and Back Again
  • Todd Gardner – A Live Feeds Primer: The Importance of Plankton, Where to Get it, and How to Grow It
  • Dr. Takuma Mezaki – How do corals reproduce in the high-latitudes of Japan?
  • Nicole Bridges – Back from the Brink:  A Systems Engineering Approach to Coral Triage and Rehabilitation

Further details about each speaker can be found on the MACNA website. The 2022 MACNA schedule features a single track of speakers; you won’t have to choose between talks!

Note: There may still be another speaker or two added to this star-studded lineup!

MACNA 2022 Keynote Speaker Revealed This Week

Dr. Judy St. Leger, President of Rising Tide Conservation and Keynote Speaker for MACNA 2022
Dr. Judy St. Leger, President of Rising Tide Conservation and Keynote Speaker for MACNA 2022

Dr. Judy St. Leger will headline this year’s MACNA Banquet as the Keynote Speaker. The founder and president of Rising Tide Conservation, Dr. Judy St. Leger is an aquatic animal veterinarian committed to ocean conservation. Back in 2009, her boss wanted a new way to approach reef conservation that would provide alternatives to fish collections. From this idea, Rising Tide was born. Leger’s presentation is titled Aquaculture and Sustainability: No more clowning around.

There is still time to plan your trip to MACNA 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Find everything you need at!

via materials furnished by the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA)

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