Mystery Fish Revealed

15 Jul, 2022

Orange-lined Triggerfish
Balistapus undulatus

The Orange-lined Trigger is a truly stunning reef fish, but one with a reputation for belligerence. It grows to 30 cm (12 in), and Fishbase warns that is “traumatogenic)—it will attack and bite divers’ (and aquarists’ hands). Needless to say, this species is alluring but not the least bit reef-safe.
Image: Balistapus undulatus on Great Barrier Reef, by Australian photographer Leonard Low.

“The Orange-lined Triggerfish is an omnivorous feeder that can, because of its strong and heavy teeth, tackle a variety of benthic prey. Observed food items include cnidarians, molluscs, ctenophores, crustaceans, other fish, algae, and echinoderms. This species in particular, given its broad diet and distribution, is a crucial component in coral reef ecosystems through top-down control and especially through consumption of sea-urchins.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Fishbase Species Profile

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