Mystery Coral: June ’22 #3

30 Jun, 2022

Can you identify this mystery coral?
Can you identify this mystery coral?

Corals like this were once thought of as “cut flowers” in the aquarium hobby. However, advancements in coral culture and nutrition have created pathways for success with what was once considered extremely difficult to keep alive. Now, keeping these corals is often routine. Aquaculture is now the norm, and with it comes a whole new world of named cultivars. We recently featured this genus in CORAL Magazine, so if you’ve been paying attention, getting that far with an ID should come easy!

Can you ID this coral? Make your guesses, then check back next week for the answer!

Bonus clue: Photographer Derek Hopkins at URI in Los Angeles, the importer, says this coral’s appearance can shift dramatically under different lighting schemes. In the next CORAL newsletter, he shares several images of the same colony under varying wavelengths of light, reminding coral keepers how lighting and photography techniques can dramatically alter the appearances of a coral.

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