Mystery Coral: June #1, a true Reef Vision!

23 Jun, 2022

The answer: This is the original first look we had at the URI Red Nebula Alveopora, shared with CORAL by Derek Hopkins.
The answer: This is the original first look we had at the URI Red Nebula Alveopora, featured in the July/August 2022 issue of CORAL, shared by Derek Hopkins.

From the pages of the July/August 2022 issue of CORAL Magazine, we bring you the answer to the first of three corals selected as “mystery corals” for the month of June.

URI Red Nebula Alveopora
Alveopora sp.
United Reef International
Van Nuys, California
Geographic Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
Light Level: Low to Moderate
Flow Level: Low to Moderate
Care Level: Easy
Notes: Alveopora colonies come in a wide range of colors, but bright red like this is exceedingly rare, so United Reef International has put this coral into cultivation. It loves high nutrient systems with lower light and low flow. In an interesting twist, this strain seems to show brighter color with lower light.

What other beautiful corals will you find in the July/August 2022 REEF VISIONS column? Subscribers never miss an issue!

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