New Reef & Sea Salts from Waterbox Aquariums

10 Jun, 2022

Waterbox Aquariums debuts two new marine aquarium synthetic salt mixes.
Waterbox Aquariums debuts two new marine aquarium synthetic salt mixes.

via Waterbox Aquariums

Waterbox Aquariums has expanded its product offerings with the introduction of two new marine aquarium salt mixes. REEF salt is designed for reef aquarium applications with elevated, optimized levels of calcium and magnesium to encourage and support coral growth and coloration. SEA salt is intended for fish-only and soft-coral reef aquariums that do not have the same need for elevated calcium and magnesium.

Waterbox Aquariums salts are manufactured under strict laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards. These synthetic salts are made from carefully selected raw materials and components. With a synthetic sea salt, Waterbox Aquariums can develop and maintain very strict protocols regarding quality and unwanted compounds and organics. All batches of SEA and REEF salt are manufactured in small, 1-ton batches and ICP tested to ensure exact parameters.

REEF Salt At A Glance

SEA Salt At A Glance

Watch Waterbox Aquariums’ Video Introducing Two New Marine Aquarium Salt Mixes

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