EcoTech’s New Gen 6 Radion LED Reef Aquarium Lighting

27 May, 2022

EcoTech Marine has released their new Gen-6 Radion LED reef aquarium lights
EcoTech Marine has released their new Gen-6 Radion LED reef aquarium lights

via EcoTech Marine

EcoTech is proud to introduce the Radion G6. The G6 furthers the success of the current Radion platform with impressive improvements in light output and color. The newest Radion features a new LED cluster and Hybrid Hemispherically Edge Illuminating optical system that takes the capabilities of the Radion from best-in-class to mind-blowing.

G6 Radion Blue (above) and Pro (below).
G6 Radion Blue (above) and Pro (below).

The absolute best of what’s technologically possible.

In the aquarium, enjoy richer colors, pop more fluorescence and create the ultimate balance between crisp and actinic. From its inception, Radion has set the standard for what full spectrum aquarium LED lighting can be. The 6th generation pushes the limits of color rendition and fluorescence without sacrificing any of the famous flexibility that caters to the desire of the user.

With the addition of 395nm diodes, G6 pushes deeper into the UV range, achieving a new level of coral and fish fluorescence. Both Blue and Pro models also feature a rebalancing of color channels and LED (Diode) mix to augment the most flexible and balanced spectra available in aquarium lighting.

The new G6 boasts 126.3 degrees of light spread and improved mixing, resulting in highly even PAR levels over nearly 4 feet of coverage area.
The new G6 boasts 126.3 degrees of light spread and improved mixing, resulting in highly even PAR levels over nearly 4 feet of coverage area.

Mind-Blowing Spread: HEI2 Optical System

Radion G6 increases output from an impressive 110.5 degrees in the G5 to a staggering 126.3 degrees.

This improvement was achievable through a change to the primary optic on the LEDs which then integrates with the geometry in the existing HEI (Hemispherically Edge Illuminating) secondary optic (lens).

Radion is a winner in the cost vs. output equation. The HEI2 optical system delivers 126.3 degrees of output. The result, incredibly even PAR over almost 4ft of coverage area making it the highest average output Radion and perhaps the most efficient aquarium light ever made.

Four New Models

  • Radion XR15 G6 PRO – Perfect for tanks 24-30 inches wide and deep. Comprehensive spectrum and performance.
  • Radion XR30 G6 PRO – The industry standard for high output. Comprehensive spectrum and performance.
  • Radion XR15 G6 BLUE – Perfect for aquariums 24-30 inches wide and deep. Put all of your power into Blue.
  • Radion XR30 G6 BLUE – Full spectrum with LED selection favoring blue channels. Put all of your power into Blue.

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Q: Are G6s available now?
A: Yes

Q: What about Freshwater?
A: The existing (G5 version) is still the current version until a G6 version is released.

Q: Can the spectrum of the G6 PRO be matched to the G5 PRO?
A: Yes. Although the clusters are different – the core spectrum is the same and the flexibility of the G6 will match the equivalent G5. Peak PAR is higher on the G5 but the G6 produces more light (spread) in total. 

Q: Will current Radion Mounting System accessories work with the G6?
A: Yes. All current RMS parts and components that are compatible with the G5 are also compatible with the G6. 

Q: Is there an upgrade kit available for G5 to G6?
A: Yes. G5 units are fully upgradeable to the same sized G6 units. The upgrade kit consists of a cluster, lens, and necessary tools to perform the upgrade.

Q: Can you change from a G5 Blue to G6 Pro and vice versa with the upgrade kit?
A: Yes. As long as it’s the same model size (XR15 or XR30) you can change your model version through the upgrade process.

Q: Will upgrading the Radion clusters affect the product warranty?
A: Yes. The new clusters have an additional 2-year warranty beyond the existing Radion warranty. All other product warranties remain unchanged by performing an upgrade.

Q: Is the upgrade installation easy?
A: Yes. the cluster and lens can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Watch Ecotech’s Radion G5 to G6 Upgrade Video

See the complete EcoTech Radion G6 story at

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