PIJAC Competes Act Update: Senate Movement

24 Mar, 2022

PIJAC’s “Take Action Now” update suggests more movement on pending Lacey Act amendments, which contain a potential tangle of anti-pet industry regulation changes.

via Pet Advocacy Network – formerly Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)

Senate may move to resolve USICA and COMPETES in coming days

It is very likely in the coming days that the U.S. House and Senate may begin resolving differences between the House’s COMPETES Act language and the Senate’s USICA language, both of which are intended to focus on bolstering the country’s ability to compete in a broad, global market.

However, concerning provisions for the pet care community remain in the House COMPETES Act and MUST NOT be included in any harmonized version of COMPETES and USICA that the House and Senate work out. The concerning provisions (Sec. 71102 of COMPETES) would amend the Lacey Act and have nothing to do with the goals for both COMPETES and USICA.

That is why we need your help to contact the following key subcommittees, Senate Environment and Public Works as well as Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and let them know you are opposed to Section 71102 of the House’s COMPETES Act legislation.

Learn more, and write the Senate, at PIJAC.org.


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