Meet the Wolverine Zoanthid

24 Feb, 2022

Sold as Wolverine Zoanthids, these beautiful “zoas” are apparently named for the University of Michigan Wolverines, whose official colors are blue and maize. The Wolverine (Gulo gulo for “glutton, glutton”) is an elusive carnivore of the North Woods once described as a cross between a raccoon and a grizzly bear. Image: Michael Vargas Photography.

Wolverine Zoanthids
Zoanthus sp.
Aquatic Operations
Austin, Texas

Geographic Origin: Indonesia
Light Level: Low to High
Flow Level: Low to Moderate
Care Level: Easy

Notes: Michael Vargas brings us this stunning image of a Wolverine Zoanthid colony recently photographed at Aquatic Operations. The reef retailer reports that this colony started with just two polyps obtained in July 2020.

Aquatic Operations founder Jose Merle Ramos suggests that, “Zoanthids are very hardy corals that are not particularly demanding in terms of water chemistry. They will do well in all types of light and various types of flow from high to low. But the one common trait they share with their stony counterparts is that they need stability.” Jose says the Wolverine Zoas are among the most-sought-after in the current marketplace and that this strain has “the original deep colors”.

Aqua Ops: Wolverine Zoanthid – $100/polyp
—Matt Pedersen

Background: Wolverines or Not? (Schaetzl, R.)

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  1. March 05, 2022

    Glad to see the polyps you got from me thriving so well, and always a pleasure to see Michael’s photography!

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