Weird Waters Debuts on TUBI and ROKU!

04 Feb, 2022

You've waited for the cartoon series Weird Waters to premier, and now it's here, with positive reviews from aquarists young and old!
If you’ve waited months for the cartoon series Weird Waters to premier, it’s here now with positive reviews from aquarists young and old!

via Weird Waters

Weird Waters is an animated fantasy series about three BFFFs (best fish friends forever) on the freshwater adventure of a lifetime. Follow BZ and I.M. Tiger, two tropical fish who accidentally land in the deep end of a magical pond. They soon meet Jam, a new friend who sweeps them away on a series of unbelievable adventures full of hidden realms, crazy monsters, and ancient mysteries. Along the way, these friends will learn that growing up is the wildest ride of all!

Weird Waters seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Roku Channel and Tubi TV in the United States and Canada!

Internationally, Weird Waters has launched on Discovery Network in South and Latin America, and will be followed by Huashi in China in the fall of 2022.

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Watch Weird Waters on Tubi TV

Watch Weird Waters on Roku

View a summary of all the ongoing Weird Waters coverage in AMAZONAS Magazine!

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