Oceanbox Designs MicroTank Artisan P-1G Micro AIO Aquarium

03 Dec, 2021

Limited tank size (one gallon) in a limited edition offering; just 15 MicroTank Artisan P-1G are available for preorder through Oceanbox Designs.

via Oceanbox Designs

The MicroTank Artisan P-1G Micro AIO Aquarium showcases an extremely sleek and contemporary reef-ready design that will immerse your micro-reefing creativity beyond boundaries!

Overview of the MicroTank Artisan P-1G design concept.

Introducing the MicroTank™ Artisan P-1G Micro AIO Aquarium – A one-of-a-kind mini all-in-one aquarium that is meticulously hand-crafted (not mass produced) and boasted with advanced features necessary to create your own successful mini slice of the ocean. Advanced reefers and aesthetes will truly appreciate the beautiful and extremely sleek design, aimed to be your bespoke micro-reef masterpiece!

Removable panels allow for easy access but while concealing equipment and reducing evaporation to promote stable conditions in the small, 1-gallon water volume of the MicroTAnk Artisan P-1G.

The MicroTank™ P-1G is a high-quality peninsula-style pictotope in its class that features an almost fully enclosed ecosystem that keeps water parameters and temperature extremely stable, with both the custom-fitted AIO filter cover and display area cover on – (This is crucial in such a small volume system!)

A removable media and heater chamber facilitate easy maintenance of the MicroTank Artisan P-1G


  • Tank Water Volume: 1.0 gallons
  • Tank Dimensions: 10.5″L X 5.5″W X 5.5″H
  • Stand Dimensions: 10.5″L X 5.5″W X 4.0″H
  • MicroTAnk and Stand are built from highest quality 1/8″-1/4″ cast acrylics
  • Other essential components and hardwares include neodymium magnets, stainless steel and nylon screws, and 3D printed parts. All materials that meet water are 100% reef-safe!
  • Proudly designed and made in Texas

­Coming Soon

  • Limited Pre-Order Reservations
  • Only 15 Launch Edition is available in our first shipment.
  • First shipment ETA within week of Jan. 10th, 2022.
  • Retail price: $349.99.

See more images and details at https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/microtank-artisan-p-1g-micro-aio-aquarium-oceanbox-designs/


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