Mystery Coral in Shades of Pink, Purple, Blue, and Green

13 Aug, 2021

Can you identify our newest mystery coral, photographed by Michael Vargas?
Can you identify our newest mystery coral, photographed by Michael Vargas?

It’s time again for another mystery coral. Most reefkeepers will have no problem guessing the genus, but how concise can you get? Can you name it right own to the cultivar level? Some hints:

  1. This is a coral that has been in the hobby for several years.
  2. This coral remains one of the more expensive cultivars.
  3. This coral cultivar is considered by some to be rather challenging to keep successful; a truly “advanced” level coral.
  4. This coral was photographed at Mythical Corals by Michael Vargas, and will be featured in the forthcoming September/October 2021 issue of CORAL Magazine.
  5. The quirky name of the originator of this cultivar is something that would make a nice side offering next to a bowl of chili.
  6. My daughter loves the coral’s namesake mythical beast.

Think you can figure it out? Get your answers ready, and click here for the answer!

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