AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents July/August 2021

19 May, 2021


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5   Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
8   Aquatic Notebook
• Keeping Corydoras in the Family by Steven Grant
• New barb species described from India by Friedrich Bitter

12  Bichir: Through the Ages by Joshua Pickett
22   Polypterus senegalus: the Senegal bichir
by Hendré Barnard
28   Dragons of the Nile — The African arowana  by Joshua Pickett
34   Reportage Colombia 2020—an exploratory trip by Wolfgang Staeck
46   All Things Aquascaping – River of life: five phases of the aquascape life cycle by Steve Waldron
56   Reportage: The Aphyosemion calliurum species-group by Gregory J. Niedzielski
64   Husbandry and breeding — The ornate snakehead, Channa ornatipinnis by Friedrich Bitter 
72   Reportage: The little-known “devil’s angel”, Satanoperca curupira, from the Madeira drainage by Uwe Werner
80   Notes From The Field — Fishes of Laos by Hans-Georg Evers
88   Keeping The Cast — Melloo and Zinker from Weird Waters® by Courtney Tobler

90 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events
by Janine Banks
92 Retail Sources
94 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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