Video: Than Thein Breaks Down 5 Reefkeeping Sayings/Words of Wisdom

18 May, 2021

"Nothing good happens quickly" in a reef aquarium, or so everyone says. Is it true?
“Nothing good happens quickly” in a reef aquarium, or so everyone says. Is it true?

Call them “old sayings,” “golden rules,” or “words to the wise,” these pithy bits of advice circulate wherever reef aquarists gather, and you may have heard them before. Than Thein, founder of the Ohio-based coral farm Tidal Gardens, breaks down five old salt proverbs in the reef aquarium hobby, and he makes them worth remembering or at least re-considering:

  • “Nothing Good Happens Quickly”
  • “Stability Promotes Success (SPS)”
  • “Do Not Dose Additives That You Are Not Testing for”
  • “Don’t Test Just for the Sake of Testing”
  • “Keep Your Hands Out of the Tank”

What do these sayings mean, and does Thein agree with them? Watch to find out!

See more from Than Thein on the Tidal Gardens YouTube Channel.

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