New A500X Tuna Blue LED Lighting from Kessil

02 Apr, 2021

Kessil's new A500X Tuna Blue represents a high-powered SPS-centric lighting option.
Kessil’s new A500X Tuna Blue represents a high-powered SPS-centric lighting option with full spectral and intensity control at your fingertips.

via Kessil

The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically for experienced SPS coral growers. This fixture integrates the latest Dense Matrix LED technology with the proprietary Kessil Logic, and delivers a concentrated light with well blended spectrum for optimum SPS coral growth, health, and coloration. The beam of this flagship A500X can be adjusted with optional 35 and 55 degree reflectors and allow SPS corals to thrive in a variety of environments.

The A500X rounds out the X-Series Family with each of the 3 X-Series lamps filling a specific role within the larger hobbyist market.

  • A360X: Utility tool – flexible for small tanks, scalable to large ones
  • AP9X: Perfect for Mixed Reefs – unbeatable coverage. The best coverage on the market, designed for your standard mixed reef tanks that most hobbyists have (3-4’ long, 75-120 gallons per unit)
  • A500X: SPS Dominant and Custom Systems – High powered for high end SPS tanks. Custom reflector options allow for deep tanks or mounting high above the tank.

The A500X can be controlled by the manual knobs, Spectral X Controller, or WiFi Dongle. The unit can also be K-Linked with other X-Series fixtures.

The A500X has all of the Kessil features that have come to be expected with Kessil units, including Kessil Logic, our best in the industry color mixing, state of the art heat management, full color and app control, and the famous Kessil shimmer.

Units became available in the US in March, with shipping internationally starting later this year.


See more details, product specifications, and optional equipment, on the Kessil website.

Watch the Kessil A500X Tuna Blue Product Video

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