PIJAC Asks For Aquatic Defense Fund Support

06 Nov, 2020

“We are reaching out to the entire aquatic community to help us continue fighting the good fight.” – Laura “Peach” Reid

via Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)

The time has come for the entire aquarium industry to come together to help save the Hawaiian aquarium fishery. We can no longer afford to rely on a small segment of the industry to support the ongoing legal battles in Hawaii. The closure of the Hawaiian aquarium fishery would have lasting negative impacts on every segment of the aquarium industry, from the live animals to aquarium equipment to fish foods. The negative impacts will be felt by everyone, so it’s now imperative that everyone comes together to help secure the sustainable future of Hawaiian aquarium species.

You can make a difference. You can help save the sustainable Hawaiian
aquarium fishery. As a member of the aquarium industry, this directly impacts your future, so we ask that you please consider contributing today at www.pijac.org/adf


Editor’s Commentary

Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery has been widely regarded as a model of proper fisheries management for the aquarium trade, with some calling it “The Gold Standard.”

Facing years of pressure from anti-aquarium activists, the fishery and its supporters had to win battles over the fishery every time. After repeatedly failing at legislative attempts to close the fishery when presented with solid data by fisheries managers, anti-aquarium activists finally found success through judicial channels, exposing an arguably back-door legal loophole that has all but shuttered the fishery, halting common collection methods and closing key fishing areas while demanding environmental review. PIJAC has invested substantial funds in the creation of the required scientific review, only to be rebuffed despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Where science once prevailed, personal opinions may be currently calling the shots.

Those in the know have suggested that if Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery, well-managed by the State’s Department of Land and Natural Resources for decades, can be closed despite overwhelming proof of sustainability, then no aquarium fishery on the planet is safe. Florida’s marine aquarium fishery has long been suggested as “next on the list” for activists. Ending the aquarium trade and the keeping of fish in tanks altogether remains an ultimate stated goal, although not prominently promoted by the activists behind these efforts.

Those with ties to the herp hobby are likely well aware of USARK and its role in defending the rights of reptile and amphibian keepers. In my opinion, those types of battles will increasingly confront aquarists of all salinities. At this time, PIJAC and the Aquatics Defense Fund are the main legislative watchdog and lobbying group for our hobby and the aquarium industry. Their efforts and views are based on scientific facts, not emotion. As such, I contend they deserve your support, if you are willing and able to offer it.

Matt Pedersen
Sr. Editor & Associate Publisher for CORAL Magazine
Sr. Editor & Publishing Partner for AMAZONAS Magazine

Support the PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund

Support the PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund

Additional Reading

Search our website for numerous updates on the ongoing battle over Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery. Some highlights include:

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Matt Pedersen

Matt Pedersen is a Sr. Editor and Associate Publisher with Reef To Rainforest Media, LLC & CORAL Magazines, and is a Sr. Editor and Publishing Partner with Aquatic Media Press, LLC & AMAZONAS Magazine. Matt has kept aquariums for 38 years, has worked in most facets of the aquarium trade, is an active aquarist and fish breeder (both marine and freshwater), and was recognized with the 2009 MASNA Award as the MASNA Aquarist of the Year.


  1. JP
    November 12, 2020

    Anti-aquarium activists. I’m assuming these people also don’t like smoking, gambling, the right to bear arms, cars, sugar, meat,freedom of movement, etc. And before anyone says please don’t drag politics into this let me tell you what they really hate. They hate you. Isn’t that abundantly clear ? These people are such joyless, miserable cretins the only enjoyment they get is telling others how they should live. Not how they plan on living, but you, the peons.

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