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23 Sep, 2020

Red Sea's newest ReefLED respresents 160 watts capable of effectively illuminating a 32" (80 cm) cube volume of reef aquarium!

Red Sea’s newest ReefLED respresents 160 watts and is capable of effectively illuminating a 32″ (80 cm) cube volume of reef aquarium!

via Red Sea

Meet the Red Sea ReefLED™ 160S lights. They’re reef-safe, REEF-SPEC, extremely powerful, and they enable exceptional growth and colors in even deeper and wider tanks.

The ReefLED 160S has all the advantages of the ReefLED series, including:

  • Light intensity and spectrum, which are 100% utilized by the corals, are 100% reef-safe and 100% REEF-SPEC.
  • Vivid colors and an elegant gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.
  • Built-in WiFi that allows total control via ReefBeat smart aquarium app (which controls all Red Sea devices).
ReefLED 160S specifications at a glance.

ReefLED 160S specifications at a glance.

New features include:

  • Superior power: 160W of reef-safe LED light, including 140W of 23,000 Kelvin REEF-SPEC Blue, 20W of 9,000 Kelvin White, and a separate 3W channel for moonlight.
  • Superior coverage: Each unit creates a homogeneous light spread throughout an aquarium of 32’’ in all three directions. Multiple units can be mounted 30″ apart with a guaranteed visual uniformity of light across the entire aquarium.
    • Tank length to 32″ – 1 unit
    • Tank length to 59″ – 2 units
    • Tank length to 89″ – 3 units
  • REEF-SPEC PAR levels: Uniform PAR readings of 200-350 micromoles almost everywhere, when using three ReefLED 160S units on our Reefer 3XL 900, as seen below
  • Patent-pending stadium-shaped lens: Smooths out the most intense part of the beam under the lens and provides a more rectangular light spread with minimal spillage.
  • Glare reduction: Additional clip-on visor limits the direct line of sight to the light source, as well as an auto switch-off mechanism when tilting the unit.
Par distribution of the ReefLED 160S.

Par distribution of the ReefLED 160S.

Pricing & availability:

The recommended retail price for the U.S. will be $649. The ReefLED 160S will be available in early October.

Limited-time introductory offer! FREE Extendable Mounting arm (RRP $80) with every ReefLED 160S purchased before October 31st.

For the full specs, visit our ReefLED product page.

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    Hi everyone

    Sorry that light its not enought the blue in 500 NM who have Corals in nature its real missing on this light change the white led with white from Seoul who have complete spectrum

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