Pseudanthias lori, Lori’s (Tiger Queen) Anthias

19 Jun, 2020

Pseudanthias lori (Lubbock & Randall 1976). Image by François Libert: male, Lembata Island, Indonesia.


Also known as the Tiger Queen Anthias, this Indo-Pacific beauty is most often found at depths of 60-230 feet (18-70m) and grows to lengths of 4.7 inches (12 cm).

Not beginner’s fish, it is moderately hardy and when kept with non-aggressive tankmates in a system with plentiful hiding places. Reef Fishes author Scott W. Michael recommends an aquarium of at least 55 gallons for a single fish, 135 gallons or more for a shoal with more than one male.

First discovered by Dr. John E. (Jack) Randall off Rangiroa in 1970. As noted in the current issue of CORAL, he caught the first specimen on his daughter’s birthday and named the species Anthias lori in 1976, and it later became Pseudanthias lori.



Reef Fishes:Volume I
Scott W. Michael

by François Libert

Lori’s Anthias, male – Pseudanthias lori
(EN) Lori’s Anthias – (FR) Anthias de Lori
Pseudanthias lori male, Lembata Island, Indonesia


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