New Reef Stew Frag Gripper

08 Aug, 2019

Reef Stew introduces the Frag Gripper

Reef Stew introduces the Frag Gripper

via Reef Stew & Vivid Creative Aquatics (VCA)

We are excited to introduce the innovative new patent-pending Clutch Clip design by Bob Bittner of Reef Stew & More. The unique Clutch Clip design of the Frag Gripper™ provides a new way of mounting your coral in your saltwater aquarium. The no-glue frag mounting system is compatible with a wide variety of stony and soft coral types.

Reef Stew has chosen to work with Vivid Creative Aquatics (VCA), a leader in the additive manufacturing space within the aquarium hobby. VCA will assist in the design, manufacture, and marketing of the new Frag Gripper™.

Reef Stew delivered the very first Frag Grippers to local shops in the Phoenix, AZ, market today (8/8/19), with an MSRP of $14.95 per 10-pack; each Frag Gripper pack includes 10 Grippers, 10 ceramic plugs, and a pipette to help mount the frags. Aquarium retailers and local fish shops wishing to carry Frag Grippers can contact Reef Stew for wholesale pricing ( or call or text 602-290-3469). Online ordering will be available soon, but phone orders are being accepted at this time.

The "Clutch Clip" design requires no gluing and can even hold frags of soft-tissued corals.

The “Clutch Clip” design requires no gluing and can even hold frags of soft-tissued corals.

Need More? Watch an interview with Bob Bittner, inventer of the Frag Gripper (and its sister product, the Plant Gripper):

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