Planet Aquariums Unveils MEGA Matrix Tanks

21 Jun, 2019

Planet Aquariums and DFW Aquarium Supply launch the MEGA Matrix aquariums line, aiming to bring quality configured tanks to the market without the custom price tag.

Planet Aquariums and DFW Aquarium Supply launch the MEGA Matrix aquariums line, aiming to bring quality configured tanks to the market without the custom price tag.

via Planet Aquariums

Ordering a custom tank can be a complicated, long process. The waiting time often comes with a hefty price.

Look for the MEGA Matrix logo.

Look for the MEGA Matrix logo.

At Planet Aquariums, we are un-customizing the custom with our MEGA Matrix aquariums. Now you can find hundreds of tank, overflow, and background combinations right at your fingertips. New sizes and options are added weekly.

Finding the “custom” aquarium you are looking has never been easier or more affordable! Once you find your aquarium from our MEGA Matrix, simply order the aquarium from your favorite local fish store, or use our store locator to find a great LFS near you.

MEGA Matrix fish tanks are available in configurations from 90 to 215 gallons, in lengths from 36″ to 96″, with MSRPs from $474.01 to $7374.77, depending on configuration choices (including background glass, standard or crystal front glass, no/internal/external overflow configurations, and more). Trimmed and rimless aquariums are also available in the MEGA Matrix product line. Visit the online MEGA Matrix configuration tool at DWF Aquarium Supply to view models, options, and pricing.

A MEGA Matrix 450 gallon aquarium by Planet Aquariums with black background, black silicone and external overflows.

A MEGA Matrix 450-gallon aquarium by Planet Aquariums with black background, black silicone, and external overflows.


About DFW Aquarium Supply

Here at DFW Aquarium Supply, we have been supporting Local Fish and Pet stores since 1993. Local stores are a crucial component of the aquarium hobby. Dedicated store owners like yourself are important to the long-term growth of the hobby. We are here to work with you on the products and support you need for your store to be successful.

With this understanding, we do not sell to Amazon, online fulfillment companies, or big-box stores that don’t support the hobby or the hobbyists. We are selective in the product lines we carry to ensure that you are profitable and that your customers have a great experience with the products they purchase from you.

The future and growth of this industry is based in the independent retailers that help build the passion and the knowledge base that keeps this hobby going for generations to come. Let us be your partner in becoming that amazing store your customers can’t stop talking about and that they send all their friends to!

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About Planet Aquariums

Founders and Master Tank Builders Armando Garcia and Hector Morales (formerly of Oceanic) teamed up with their co-worker Master Engineer and Designer Jerry Acuff (formerly of Oceanic) to create Planet Aquariums in 2011. With 50+ years of combined custom tank-building and design experience, their vision to bring to the market a line of aquariums that were both beautiful and affordable came into being with Planet Aquariums. Their core values of impeccable craftsmanship and intelligent design keep Planet Aquariums on the cutting edge of custom aquarium fabrication.

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