Hmahli Marine Life Support Systems Coming to the US

31 May, 2019

A sampling of Hmahli's extensive range of acrylic aquarium products as seen on their website.

A sampling of Hmahli’s extensive range of acrylic aquarium products as seen on their website.

Blue Life USA has partnered with Australia’s Hmahli Marine Life Support Systems to bring Hmahli’s signature acrylic aquarium products to the US market. Blue Life USA president Eric Cohen said of Hmahli, “I met this gentleman and family in Sydney last year. His products were truly special. I had to find a way to get these introduced into the USA.”

Blue Life Resin Reactor package produced in partnership with Hmahli, brought to market in early April, 2019.

The partnership’s initial launch included the production of a resin-reactor specifically designed to be used with Blue Life’s line of Blue FX Regenerable Resins. Early reviews have been favorable: “The resin reactors are top notch! I love mine,” noted aquarist Jesse Myerson.

“The Resin Reactors are already here and selling well. More full line products to come! Keep an eye on the website for more updates and details on the products,” said Cohen.

Hmahli, in fact, offers a sweeping range of products. Obviously, their signature sumps get a lot of attention, but it seems Hmahli is trying to make whatever useful tool they can think of out of acrylic. The result is a number of different frag racks in myriad configurations, acclimation boxes, supportive stands for various types of equipment, dosing vessels and liquid storage containers, food holders, coral spot-feeding covers, and surely some items we’ve neglected to mention here.

Several of the Hmahli products even incorporate LED illumination, adding to the “bling” factor of installing their life support products and showing them off to your reefkeeping friends.

Watch the Parkers Reef Interview with Hmahli founder Eric Jurcic to get the background of Hmahli Marine Life Support Systems

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