MYSTERY CORAL ANSWER: Jaw Dropper Acropora

19 Apr, 2019

This gorgeous coral is Reef Raft Canada's Jaw Dropper Acropora, grown and fragged by hobbyist-coral farmer Thinh Vu. Image: Michael Vargas Photography.

This gorgeous coral is Reef Raft Canada’s Jaw Dropper Acropora, grown and fragged by hobbyist-coral farmer Thinh Vu. Image: Michael Vargas Photography.

Excerpt from Coral Visions,
CORAL Magazine, May/June 2019


Acropora sp.

Thinh Vu
Mythical Corals
Grand Prairie, Texas

Growing frag at Mythical Corals.

Geographic Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Light Level: High; 350–400 PAR recommended
Flow Level: Moderate to High
Care Level: Difficult

Notes: Photographer Michael Vargas, who captured this image, noted that it was the third photo session with this particular coral, one of his favorite subjects. “I look forward to seeing it every time I’m at Thinh Vu’s Texas facility.”

“The image was shot hand-held, with the tank flow turned off to help stabilize the camera and Building An Obsession Camera Tube, which allowed for crisp top-down photography.”

Half-inch frags of Reef Raft Canada’s JAW DROPPER have reportedly sold for up to $2,000 each.

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  1. April 19, 2019

    That coral doesn’t look like that in the wild and therefore it’s almost impossible to identify. Beautiful species.

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