Plant Spotlight: “Gold Melon Sword Plant”, Echinodorus osiris

07 Mar, 2019

Echinodorus osiris, the Gold Melon Sword Plant

Echinodorus osiris, the Gold Melon Sword Plant

via The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

Do your South American fish need some extra vegetal cover? Give them something their ancestors would be familiar with and add this gorgeous, hardy, midground sword. Echinodorus osiris, the”Gold Melon Sword Plant”, is a “rosette plant” with long stems, and wide, ruffled, golden leaves. Easy to care for, this Brazilian plant does not require CO2 or high lighting. With extensive root systems, they do best in nutrient-rich substrates and propagate via side shoots from the main rhizome.

Gold Melon Swords look best planted singly and may be spread out over time as they grow. Found predominantly in warm waters, this true aquatic plant shouldn’t be kept in temperatures below 75°F, and thrives in waters with pH of 6.5-7.5, with full spectrum lighting between 5,000 and 7,000K.


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