New Hikari Bio-Pure® Lake Okanagan Freshwater Mysis Shrimp

26 Oct, 2018

A new frozen mysis shrimp option from Hikari.

A new frozen Mysis shrimp option from Hikari.

via Hikari

Hikari® proudly introduces their long-awaited Canadian Mysis Shrimp cubes. These freshwater Mysis shrimp, harvested from the glacier-fed waters of Lake Okanagan, make them ideal for most larger marine and freshwater fish. Naturally gut-loaded with natural algae and high in phospholipids, which help unlock the amino acids for use by your fish, these meaty shrimp offer a fantastic feeding option. Add in our 3-Step Sterilization process, Bio-Encapsulated multi-vitamin enriching, pure water packing, and proprietary freezing process, and you have a vast improvement over prior Canadian Mysis Shrimp offerings.

Best of all, this freshwater species helps marine fish complete the osmotic process using less energy and offers freshwater carnivores a meaty treat they will love. You’ve come to trust the Hikari® Bio-Pure® line of frozen foods for superior cleanliness, exceptional nutritional benefits, and outstanding product quality; this is another option your fish will eagerly enjoy.

For more information, contact Hikari Sales USA, Inc. (800) 621-5619 or


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