Omega One Fish Foods Have a New Look

06 Jul, 2018

Omega One - Celebrating 20 years with a brand new look!

Omega One – Celebrating 20 years with a brand new look!

Omega One Fish Foods Celebrates 20 Years in Business with a Brand New Look

via Omega Sea LLC

PAINESVILLE, OHIO – Omega One Premium Fish Foods will introduce new label designs for all pelleted and flaked foods this year as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The new designs are the result of an extensive research and development process involving consumer and retailer surveys as well as cross-industry packaging studies. The new look is fresh, modern, and colorful, and focuses on Omega One’s most unique selling point – whole fresh seafood ingredients.

Omega One is the only dry fish food on the market which does not use pre-processed proteins such as fish meal or hydrolysates. It is manufactured with wild-caught, sustainable Alaskan seafood in a patented process invented by brothers Denny and Marty Crews in 1998. Omega One offers a wide range of foods for freshwater and saltwater fish. These premium formulas have proven their benefits in the aquarium and are now ranked the #2 best-selling fish foods in the U.S. by Pet Age Magazine (1).

“We updated our packaging to better reflect the unique product inside – and to make it easier for hobbyists to find the fish food they need. Plus, it was a great way to refresh and celebrate who we are after 20 years – an innovative American brand putting family and quality first,” said Jim Randall, Chief Operating Officer.

A look at three new packaging designs from Omega One, due to arrive at stores in August 2018.

A look at three new packaging designs from Omega One, due to arrive at stores in August, 2018.

Randall also reported that Omega One’s initial market research on the new designs have produced positive results, predicting a sales lift for retailers. Seventy-one percent of consumers surveyed said they would be more likely to purchase Omega One because of the new designs, which are expected to start shipping to retailers in August.


(1) Alexandra Wepner, “2016-2017 Pet Age Retailer Report,” Pet Age Magazine, Jan 2017, 23.

About Omega Sea LLC

Omega One Fish Foods are manufactured by Omega Sea LLC. Founded in 1998, the company is a global leader in aquatic nutrition and care, offering premium pet products for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and crustaceans. With a commitment to quality, family, and sustainability, they create honest brands and innovative solutions for the aquatic hobbyist. For more information:

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