Indonesia Halts Coral Exports

04 May, 2018

To Whom it May Concern: RE: Coral and Anemones Export Prohibition

To Whom it May Concern: RE: Coral and Anemones Export Prohibition

Last updated: May 4, 2018 at 17:12 pm


This letter from the Indonesian Coral Shell and Ornamental Fish Association (AKKII) in Jakarta was received by CORAL Magazine editors May 4th, 2018.

It outlines the developing situation in Indonesia and appears to confirm a rumor that exports of both wild and aquacultured corals and sea anemones are being suspended indefinitely. We will continue to report as word comes in from Indonesia and contacts in the livestock trade.

To Whom it May Concern:
RE: Coral and Anemones Export Prohibition:

  • There has been an unfortunate instruction from Indonesian Fishery Ministry stating that starting from May 4th 2018 the quarantine authority in Indonesia is temporarily until unforseeable time line not allowed to issue health certificate for all corals (wild and aquacultured) and anemones.
  • Both Ministry of Forestry & Nature Conservation and Ministry of Fisheries are jointly regulating the live corals trade in Indonesia. Ministry of Forestry & Nature Conservation as the officially recognized Management Authority for CITES for Coral and all national regulations concerning local collection, transport and exportation of live corals, while Ministry of Fishery is the issuing body for Health Certificate required to some but not all importing countries and also the said Health Certificate serves as requirement to load the coral commodity to the carrying plane cargo.
  • There has been a missing link in the internal synchronization between Ministry of Forestry and Nature Conservation and Ministry of Fisheries. We are working on re synchronization right now.
  • We are working as hard as we can through the Indonesian Coral Shell and Ornamental Fish Association (AKKII) with partnership with the stakeholders of corals management in Indonesia to resolve this legal case.
  • We plea to all of our customers and stakeholders around the world to be calm and supportive to our cause for the continuing sustainable harvest and export of live ornamental corals in Indonesia.

Indonesia Coral Shell and Ornamental Fish Association

Dwi Atmaji
Deputy of Foreign & External Affairs

Sekretariat: Komplek Ruko Taman Laguna No. 107, Jalan Alternatif Cibubur (Trans Yogie), Bekasi 17435
Telp. +62 21 8450562, Fax. +62 21 22876736, Email:


Download the original document in PDF format here

UPDATE: 3:20 pm EST – Some sources are reporting that this is “fake news,” and that the situation in Indonesia is in flux. As stated below, we will keep all readers apprised and follow up as additional information becomes available.

UPDATE: 5:35 PM – Read commentary from an Indonesian Coral Trade Insider – “There is no Indonesian coral ban.”

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