Cobalt Aquatics Debuts C-Ray 200 LED Aquarium Lighting

08 Jan, 2018

The new Cobalt C-RAY 200 LED Aquarium Lighting Fixture

The new Cobalt C-RAY 200 LED Aquarium Lighting Fixture

via Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt Aquatics is proud to announce the arrival of the most advanced aquarium LED lighting on the market: the C-Ray 200! Cobalt Aquatics’ line of C-Ray LED light fixtures bring powerful LEDs, minimalist design, and advanced electronics together for the ultimate in aquarium light fixtures. The innovative C-Ray lights incorporate high-output chips, fill light strips, and circular halo moonlights to provide strong, evenly distributed PAR output in one full-spectrum, controllable array. Providing up to 500 PAR at 200 watts, the C-Ray 200 can cover tanks up to 48″ long with beautiful, crisp light. Active, thermostatically-controlled adaptive fans and copper heatsinks keep the C-Ray running cooler and quieter than any other light out there. With multiple mounting options, app-driven Wi-Fi controllability out of the box, exclusive wide field quartz optical lenses, compact design, and a waterproof power adapter, the C-Ray sets a new standard for aquarium lighting, outperforming all other currently available LED lights.

  • 200W Variable Power Consumption with Waterproof Transformer
  • Up to 500 PAR at 12″
  • Dual High-Density CREE LED Pucks
  • 120° Quartz Wide-Angle Optics Provide up to 48″ Spread
  • Unique Fill Light LED Strip for True-to-Nature Color Blending
  • Dual Halo Moonlights for Wide, Even Moonlighting Effects
  • Full-Featured 6-Channel Lighting Control with Ramp, Storm, Cloud, and Lunar Effects
  • App & Wi-Fi Controllable and Programmable with Nothing Extra to Buy
  • Shareable Custom Lighting Programs
  • Hanging Kit and Mounting Arm Options for Rimless or Rimmed Tanks*
  • Oversized Copper Heat Sinks for Maximum Heat Dissipation
  • Dual Whisper Quiet Temperature Controlled Cooling Fans
  • Touch-Sensitive Buttons for Quick, App-Free Adjustments
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Unlimited Cobalt Tank Tech Support Online or Over the Phone

The C-Ray 200 is available in both black and white finishes.

The Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray 200 in white finish.

The Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray 200 in white finish

MSRP is $799 on the Cobalt Aquatics website.


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