Seachem Officially Launches New TIDAL Power Filter Line

01 Mar, 2017

The new Tidal Filters from Seachem are available in 3 sizes

The new Tidal Filters from Seachem are available in 3 sizes

In their first foray into filtration, well-known aquarium product manufacturer Seachem Laboratories has begun shipping their Tidal line of hang-on-the-back (HOB) power filters to retailers nationwide after first debuting them at several trade and hobby shows last year. In an exciting take on the venerable but somewhat tired HOB power filter segment (which has been a staple of aquarium-keeping since the 1970’s), Seachem has partnered with Sicce, an Italian company known for high-quality engineering and manufacturing of filters and circulation pumps to create the Tidal line.

The new filters are manufactured by Sicce and include a self-priming pump and large media capacity

According to the manufacturer, these filters include “a host of features, including a self-priming pump, dual water intake, adjustable flow, maintenance monitor, and a filter basket that holds any kind of filtration media – and more of it.” The sleek, feature-rich design appears to be a welcome update to what is still probably the single-most commonly used type of aquarium filter in the hobby—and for good reason, as HOB filters are undoubtedly a versatile and functional way to keep water clean and fish healthy for most home aquariums. Tidal filters are designed for medium-to-large aquariums, with 3 sizes available—rated for up to 55, 75, and 110 gallons, respectively. All Tidal Filters also come with Seachem’s highly porous Matrix bio-media and a coarse sponge mechanical filtration insert included, with additional media options up to the consumer. At only 12 watts of total power consumption for the largest model, the Tidal filters are an especially energy-efficient option for filtration, and the manufacturer claims that the insulated pumps are silent, “making it excellent for office or dining room aquariums.”

Look for Tidal filters to hit shelves at your local fish stores and select online retailers in the coming weeks, and for more information check out Seachem’s product page here.


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