The All New Radion® Freshwater Pro LED Light

20 Feb, 2017

GROW RIGHT. Meet the All New Radion® Freshwater Pro

GROW RIGHT. Meet the All New Radion® Freshwater Pro — XR15FW

via EcoTech Marine

EcoTech aims new LED Lighting at Planted Tank Enthusiasts:
Introducing the XR15FW G4 PRO for Freshwater Aquariums

An all new spectrum, greater output, and wider, more evenly balanced spread  all make this a beautiful new dawn for freshwater hobbyists.

Featuring HEI optics, 95 watts of power, and a completely adjustable full spectrum, the XR15FW Pro has you covered.

If you deal in freshwater fish or aquatic plants, you will want this light!


Radion XR15FW Pro specifications, from EcoTech.

Radion XR15FW Pro specifications, from EcoTech.

Some highlights from the EcoTech website include:

  • Super Spectrum – tunable white output augmented with RGB
  • Super Spread – HEI lense technology delivers T5 spread
  • Super Smart – Fully programmable with wireless control, with EcoTech’s EcoSmart Live control platform.
  • Super Stylish – unobtrusive, clean, and modern.
  • Quiet Active Cooling
  • Multiple Mounting Options

Click here to get the full product rundown, available on the EcoTech website.


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