Oceanbox Designs Introduces TinyMAG™ Nano Glass Tank Algae Cleaner

20 Feb, 2017

Oceanbox Designs' TinyMAG™ Nano Glass Tank Algae Cleaner

Oceanbox Designs’ TinyMAG™ Nano Glass Tank Algae Cleaner

via Oceanbox Design

Oceanbox Design, a Texas-based company owned by a hobbyist named Phuong, is introducing TinyMAG™ Nano Glass Tank Algae Cleaner

The company says: “The world smallest glass-tank algae cleaner! Measuring just 0.75″ in diameter and 0.5″ in thickness, the round shape is perfect for getting into hard-to-reach areas and corners. Moving the TinyMAG’s dry-side in a swift motion will remove algae on the inside of the glass. Suitable for pico and nano size aquariums up to 1/2″ thick glass.”


  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets
  • Molded ABS Plastic Casing
  • Soft Felt on Dry Side
  • Rough Texture on Wet Side
  • For Tanks up to 1/2″-Thick Glass

For more information, visit https://oceanboxdesigns.com/

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