New TMC REEF-Pump DC Aquarium Pump

10 Nov, 2016

TMC's new REEF-Pump. Shown here is the 2000 model.

TMC’s new REEF-Pump. Shown here is the 2000 model.

via TMC

Tropical Marine Centre’s new REEF-Pump represents another entry into the growing market for DC aquarium water pumps. Quiet operation, the ability to control/adjust flow rates, and energy efficiency are the main reasons we’re seeing a rise in demand for DC aquarium pumps, and TMC’s compact offerings aim to fill that need.

Moving beyond the general features that all DC pumps tend to offer, some highlights of the new TMC REEF-Pump line include:

  • Variable speed control with up to 20 different speed settings, offering precise adjustment of water flow for optimum performance
  • Integrated feed timer shuts off the pump for 10 minutes to allow easy feeding
  • A “Soft Start” feature to increase impeller life
  • Low voltage (24v)

TCM has introduced four models, the REEF-Pump 2000, REEF-Pump 4000, REEF-Pump 8000 and REEF-Pump 12000 (all model numbers denote their maximum flow rate in liters).  You can find more REEF-Pump product specifications and information on the TMC website, and check out the product introductory video below.

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