Red Sea MAX® NANO is now available!

28 Oct, 2016

Introducing Red Sea's new MAX® NANO, a fully-featured 75 litre/20 gallon Plug & Play® reef aquarium system.

Introducing Red Sea’s new MAX® NANO, a fully-featured 75 litre/20 gallon Plug & Play® reef aquarium system.

via Red Sea

We are delighted to introduce you to our all-new MAX® NANO complete reef system, which is now being shipped to Red Sea dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The MAX® NANO has been designed to support even the most sensitive and demanding corals and features the very latest in reef-keeping technology, including HD LED lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control, REEF-SPEC® filtration and circulation systems, an Automatic Top-Off unit and an easy access power center.

Featuring the highest level of specification, this is a Nano in name only and the 75 litre (20 gal), 45cm (18″) rimless, ultra-clear glass MAX® NANO incorporates all of the advanced Reef-Spec features that are the hallmark of the MAX® range of complete reef systems.

The complete filtration system is hidden in the rear sump that is topped by a rotatable screen for easy access. Fed by a unique surface skimmer that directs the water to a bespoke micron filter bag, the rear sump houses a silenced Reef-Spec protein skimmer, a 960lph European ECO circulation pump and 100g of REEF-SPEC® Carbon to keep the water crystal clear.

Lighting is provided with the all-new Prime HD LED from AI. The full-spectrum, 7 color channel LED unit is fully controllable via Wi-Fi and is attached to the aquarium using Red Sea’s custom lighting mount, which can be rotated to provide full access to the aquarium for reefscaping and maintenance.

An optional stylish marine-spec cabinet is available in black and white, giving the complete unit a contemporary look and feel.

Key features of the all-new MAX® Nano:

  • 75 litre (20gal), rimless 8mm (5/16″) ultra-clear, beveled glass aquarium with rear sump
  • REEF-SPEC® Prime HD LED with built in Wi-Fi control
  • REEF-SPEC® filtration including professional protein skimmer, ECO circulation pump, and micron filter bag and REEF-SPEC® Carbon
  • Automatic Top-Off unit with built-in reservoir
  • Integrated control unit for easy feeding and maintenance
  • Optional Marine-Spec cabinet

MSRP in the U.S.

MAX® NANO complete aquarium reef system $699
MAX® NANO + Black Cabinet $899
MAX® NANO + White Cabinet $925

Learn more about our New MAX NANO

Red Sea’s store locator is available at and will direct you to your nearest Red Sea Authorized Dealer so you can check out the MAX® NANO in-store.

We hope you enjoy our latest reef system and we thank you for your interest in Red Sea.

Happy Reefing.

Best Wishes
The Red Sea Team


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