Eheim and Cobalt International announce an agreement for cooperation in North America

29 Sep, 2016

Well-known aqaurium product manufacturer Eheim is now partnered with Cobalt International

Well-known aqaurium product manufacturer Eheim is now partnered with Cobalt International

via Ehien and Cobalt International

EHEIM and COBALT have created a new partnership for distribution and support for North America that launched September 1, 2016. In the new partnership, EHEIM will handle direct trade distribution with North American customers direct from their European offices with sales support from COBALT INTERNATIONAL’s new division ULTRA DISTRIBUTION SERVICES. ULTRA DISTRIBUTION SERVICES will now handle phone consumer support, parts sales and all warranty processes for the North America.

We wish to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for all our partners, pet dealers and hobbyists who have enjoyed EHEIM products over the last 40 years, and we look to an exciting future with our new partnership with COBALT INTERNATIONAL

The new North American Consumer Support contact information:

EHEIM Hotline:

Toll free number 844-542-4846
Fax: 803-591-9514


Spare parts website:

EHEIM Aquatics Service Center
628 Wilkerson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730

The EHEIM brand has been producing innovative, high quality aquatic filtration, pumps and accessories products that have the reputation of superior design, durability and longevity since 1963, gaining world wide fame in both Freshwater and Marine aquarium circles.

COBALT INTERNATIONAL was formed in 2011 when it debuted the COBALT AQUATICS brand of aquarium food and equipment. During the last 5 years COBALT has seen explosive growth and many industry awards. With the creation of the new division ULTRA DISTRIBUTION SERVICES, COBALT is looking to the future of leveraging their expertise in the aquatic segment by working with aquatic brands that are looking to enter the North American market.


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