AlgaGen Introduces Greenwater PLATINUM™

07 Sep, 2016

New Greenwater PLATINUM™ from AlgaGen, LLC

New Greenwater PLATINUM™ from AlgaGen, LLC

via AlgaGen LLC

AlgaGen LLC is proud to present another ground breaking product – Greenwater PLATINUM™ Concentrate. Phytoplankton is essential for numerous day to day operations of any public aquarium, university research facility, aquaculture endeavor or marine breeding effort. For years, phytoplankton culturing has been a labor intensive, often failing endeavor. It requires an allocation of resources – personnel and physical space – that is sometimes difficult to maintain. Because of these limitations, potential projects have been shelved or abandoned with no easy way to get them back on track – until now. Greenwater PLATINUM™ will take the burden off of last minute ordering and subsequent high shipping costs when your cultures crash.

AlgaGen has developed a unique process that allows us to concentrate Nannochloropsis into a form that can be frozen, thawed for use, and still maintain high viability. Greenwater PLATINUM™ has densities typically around 1-2 billion cells/mL and a cell that is 4-5um in size. We leave the math up to the individual hatchery. One liter is roughly equal to 4-6 carboys of regular cultured microalgae (these numbers vary depending on in-house cell densities).

Greenwater PLATINUM™ can be used in several ways; to make greenwater for immediate use, as an instant inoculum to start cultures or as a ready to use feed for rotifers and copepods. It can also be used as a water conditioner to start sensitive larvae. This groundbreaking product will allow you to make greenwater on demand. To make greenwater or start a culture, simply add the concentrate to freshly prepared saltwater and aerate for a few minutes and culture by following your normal culturing protocols.

Using Greenwater PLATINUM™ as a direct feed eliminates excess nutrients that can occur when a non-living product is used. It is an excellent feed for rotifers and since it is live, it is less likely to settle. Since it is live, it will remove excess nutrients when used and can lessen the need for filtration and water changes in rotifer cultures.

Greenwater PLATINUM™ can be thawed and immediately portioned to make it easier to use for staff. Once it has been portioned, it must be refrozen to retain long term viability.

Greenwater PLATINUM™ is 100% guaranteed pathogen free.


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