Mini-Tech Filters for Small Systems

30 Jun, 2016

Simple new in-tank mini-filtration from Lifegard.

Simple new in-tank mini-filtration from Lifegard.


Lifegard® Aquatics has introduced a new MINI-BUBBLE FILTER designed for small aquariums up to 10 gallons… such as Nano… Betta… Breeder… and Beginner tanks.

It’s air-operated, with multi-stage filtration that promotes a healthy aquatic environment by removing debris in water through a Mechanical Sponge with Activated Carbon Chamber and Biological Gravel Media. Includes suction cups for secure installation and replaceable Filter Sponge and Carbon Cartridge.

R440030 Min-Bubble Filter   R44032 Replacement Cartridges (2 pack)

Lifegard Aquatics  800-628-8771

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  1. March 09, 2019

    Please help me. I want to purchase the Mini-Bubble Filter but I can’t see what size is the air tube. The one I have is 3mm inside diameter. Would you send me the dimensions and prices.

    Thank you

    Mini-Bubble Filter (#R440030)
    by Lifegard Aquatics $5.10

    Mini-Bubble Filter Replacement Cartridges (2-pack) (#R440032)
    by Lifegard Aquatics $3.49

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