CORAL Issue Preview: May/June 2016

29 Mar, 2016

CORAL Cover 13-3 600px

CORAL Preview Cover for May/June 2016 Issue features real-life Hippo Tangs, the subject of coming Disney/Pixar movie about a fictional fish named Dory. Image by Jay Hemdal; background by Than Thein.

The sequel to “Finding Nemo” is coming to theaters in June, and with it attention and misinformation about the marine aquarium trade and hobby. Look to the next CORAL for Ret Talbot’s investigation into the brewing controversies about “Finding Dory,” as well as Jay Hemdal’s definitive guide to keeping and appreciating Paracanthurus hepatus, the Hippo Tang or Palette Surgeonfish. (Plus an update on HLLE and how to prevent and cure it.)

Also forthcoming:

  • Daniel Knop offers a portrait of his own experimental home reef aquarium system
  • Frank Baensch documents the first captive rearing of Hawaiian butterflyfish
  • Dr. Dieter Brockmann explores the fascinating biology and nutritional importance of Artemia
  • Dr. Ronald Shimek digs into predictions of reef extinctions and finds far more than he bargained for…
  • PLUS: Flame Scallops, captive-bred Anthias, diving the Maldives, choosing marine substrates….

And much more from the world’s leading marine-only aquarium magazine

Materials Final Deadline for sponsors and contributors: Monday, April 11th

Publication (On Sale) Date:  May 3rd, 2016

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