Public Debut for Aquacultured Yellow Tangs (Video)

24 Mar, 2016

Yellow Tangs – The Breeding Breakthrough | Fincasters Episode 122

Captive-raised Yellow Tangs have finally happened. Researchers at the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, led by Dr. Chad Callan, successfully broke through a bottleneck in raising Yellow Tang fry.

The first captive raised tangs were on display in Florida for the first time ever, and in this Fincast John shows you the beautiful fish as they graze on real live rock for the first time, while Callan himself describes the process his team went through to finally find the formula to keep the young alive through the delicate larval stage.

YouTube Video by Fincasters
March 24, 2016

Editor: This short video from the recent Global Pet Expo in Orlando is worth a look for the first appearance of aquacultured Yellow Tangs on display at trade show booths presented by Segrest Farms and Boyd Enterprises. Videographer Jon Carlin interviews Dr. Chad Callan, head of the Rising Tide breeding project in Hawaii, who reveals some of the reason for this first success in bringing tiny pelagic larvae through very challenging feeding bottlenecks.

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