Ocean Nutrition Debuts 3 New Frozen Fish Foods

12 Feb, 2016

Ocean Nutrition's 3 new frozen foods

Ocean Nutrition’s three new frozen  fish foods.

via Ocean Nutrition Americas

Just when you thought your fish had everything Ocean Nutrition™ introduces three unique, high-quality frozen foods for aquarium fish and invertebrates.

Ocean Nutrition's new Polychaetes Frozen Fish Food

Ocean Nutrition’s new Polychaetes Frozen Fish Food


Varying in size between 8 and 14 cm, polychaetes (sea worms) are an important food source for larger marine predators. They can be cut easily into smaller pieces, making this soft and nutritious food also available for many smaller fish and invertebrates! Originating from marine water, they are very rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids (ARA, EPA & DHA). Polychaetes are well known to increase fecundity of shrimp and marine fish broodstock. After defrosting, it is advised to rinse well with water to avoid unnecessary contamination of the aquarium water.

  • A natural food for marine fish
  • Stimulates a positive feeding response
  • Will help maintain health and vitality
  • Quick frozen whole marine worms

Excellent for marine fish and invertebrates including: Angels, Butterflies, Groupers, Lionfish, Puffers, Sharks, Triggers, Wrasses, Lobsters, Shrimp, Crabs, and more.

Ingredients: Polychaetes, water.
Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 6.8% Crude Fat (min.) 2.3% Crude Fiber (max.) 0.1% Moisture (max.) 88.6% Ash (max.) 0.6% Phosphorus (min.) 0.2%
Item Number: 77083
UPC Number: 0 98731 77083 5
Product Size: 3.5 oz (100g) Mono Blister

Ocean Nutrition's Spirulina & Garlic frozen adult brine shrimp.

Ocean Nutrition’s Spirulina & Garlic frozen adult brine shrimp.


Whole live high quality brine shrimp are enriched with the unique combination of Spirulina and garlic, then quickly frozen resulting in whole animals and minimal loss of nutrients. Spirulina algae is highly digestible, helps to support the natural colors of your fish and helps stimulate growth. Garlic is a flavor enhancing natural attractant that helps to promote health and stimulate the appetite of reluctant and finicky eaters.

  • Supports coloration
  • Will help maintain health and vitality
  • Attracts reluctant and finicky eaters
  • Quickly frozen whole brine shrimp

Excellent for all fish including: Discus, Platys, Angels, Tetras, Barbs, Catfish, Swords, Mollies, Gouramis, Rainbows, Freshwater Sharks, Marine Angels, Clownfish, Tangs, Wrasses, Butterflies, Gobies, and more.

Ingredients: Brine shrimp, spirulina, garlic, water, guar gum.
Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 5.7% Crude Fat (min.) 1.6% Crude Fiber (max.) 0.2% Moisture (max.) 90.6% Ash (max.) 1.5% Phosphorus (min.) 0.1%
Item Number: 77123
UPC Number: 0 98731 77123 8
Product Size: 3.5 oz (100g) 35 Cubes

Ocean Nutrition's new frozen invertebrate food.

Ocean Nutrition’s new frozen invertebrate food.


Ocean Nutrition™ Invertebrate Food Is a blend of finely minced mussel with cyclops and rotifers, prepared to give the most natural and effective diet for filter feeding invertebrates such as flame scallops, feather dusters, sea apples and corals. Mussels are an excellent source of selenium, vitamin B12 and are naturally enriched with phytoplankton. Ocean Nutrition™ Invertebrate Food is ideal for all marine filter-feeding organisms.

  • Natural diet for filter feeders
  • Stimulates a positive feeding response
  • Excellent for reef tank applications
  • Will help maintain health and vitality

Excellent for marine invertebrates, corals and small marine fish including: Flame Scallops, Feather Dusters, Shrimp, Crabs, Soft Corals, LPS Corals, SPS Corals, Mandarins, Pygmy Angels, Clownfish, Wrasses, Gobies, Nano Reefs, and more.

Ingredients: Cyclops, rotifer, mussel, water, guar gum.
Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 2.4% Crude Fat (min.) 1.2% Crude Fiber (max.) 0.2% Moisture (max.) 95.8% Ash (max.) 0.3% Phosphorus (min.) 0.1%
Item Number: 77503
UPC Number: 0 98731 77503 8
Product Size: 3.5 oz (100g) 35 Cubes

Ocean Nutrition™ is the daily choice for fish nutrition and simply the most delicious, nutrient-rich, frozen fish foods found above sea level. Learn more at www.oceannutrition.com.


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