AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents January/February 2016

30 Nov, 2015

Winning Bettas
Volume 5, Number 1

Click here to buy the January/February 2016 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine!

Click here to buy the January/February 2016 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine!

6    Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
8    Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff & readers

18    Betta Glory — Farming Betta splendens in its Thai homeland by Michael J. Tuccinardi
28    Betta Primer — An overview of show types from the world of competitive Betta splendens by Gerald Griffin
38    Betta Keeping 2.0 by Gerald Griffin
40    Prairie Home Bettas — Hmong on the range—a Southeast Asian passion flourishes in Minnesota’s Betta Triangle by Matt Pedersen
48    Fighter Plakats — Pitbulls with fins? by Matt Pedersen
52    Shoebox-breeding the Betta — A project you can do just about anywhere by Matt Pedersen
60    Husbandry & Breeding: A known unknown: Julidochromis marlieri by Wilhelm Klaas
66    Aquatic Plants: 6 Hornwort species to know: the genus Ceratophyllum by Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand
70    Husbandry & Breeding: Adventures with Fundulopanchax sjostedti, the Blue Gularis by Matthias Geiger
76    Reportage: Sungai Siriwo: Stream of surprises by Hans-Georg Evers
82    Husbandry & Breeding: Breeding the Kyburz Tetra Pseudochalceus kyburzi: Serendipity in a Dark Tank by Ariel Bornstein

88    Aquarium Calendar: Upcoming events by Janine Banks and Ray Lucas
90    Retail Sources
92    Species Snapshots
97    Advertiser Index
98    Underwater Eye by Morrell Devlin

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