Welcome the I-SEA Coral Viewer to the Bashsea family!

05 Nov, 2015

Bashsea's new I-SEA surface coral  viewing portal.

Bashsea’s new I-SEA surface coral viewing portal.

via Bashsea, 11-4-2015

As usual we have taken something very simple and made it extraordinary. This isn’t your paper thin square viewer nor is it the child like quality that you see out there now. Custom 1/4″ cast colored tube along with laser cut 1/4″ cast viewing window and gear trim , built like a truck and looks like Ferrari!

The gear design is not just for aesthetics; you are able to stand these up when not in use on end, and they will not roll, nor will you have to set them on their viewing window thus avoiding scratches.

I-Sea Coral Viewers come in four colors to choose from; two standard sizes, 6 inch and 8 inch; and of course like everything else we build they are customizable to any size for all you retail stores and coral farmers who do a lot of swaps and shows. We will be showing them off for the first time this coming up weekend in Chicago at the Aquatic Experience, come check them out. We are bringing 50 of them with us had an extremely discounted rate to get them in the right hands.

I-SEA ….. Bashsea does it again!

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