Amazonas Featured Video: Bangkok’s Chatuchak Fish Market

23 Oct, 2015

Aquarium Fish Market in Bangkok Thailand.
Editor: This video left us dizzy, but it probably gives an accurate impression of visiting the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kyle LeDotNet | YouTube
Aug 5, 2014

“Tropical Fish, Monster Fish, Goldfish, Planted Tanks, Betta Fighting Fish, Koi, Flower Horns, Asian Arowanas, Arapaimas, Stingrays, Oldballs, Cichlids, EVERYTHING. THIS PLACE HAS IT ALL. This is a must watch for aquarium hobbyists. I was so amazed by the variety and species that I have never ever seen before. The quality and price were top notch. It was unforgettable. WOW!”

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  1. October 24, 2015

    I appreciate the video. But many of the fish for sale were man made. Or hybrids. Or deformed. There must not be many regulations or restrictions concerning the overall husbandry Of the fish let alone what you are allowed to sell and how you are allowed to sell it. Was wondering if you noticed this as well?

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