Introducing Vita – Indoor Gardening Done Water Wise

14 Oct, 2015

Vita, a new betta aquarium kit from Ecoxotic, who is attempting to launch this product via Kickstarter.

Vita, a new betta aquarium kit from Ecoxotic, who is attempting to launch this product via Kickstarter.

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 12, 2015) – Ecoxotic, enabler of some of today’s most stunning aquariums, is excited to announce the first product in its new line of living decor, Vita™, an innovative indoor urban garden that brings life to any space. Featuring an ultra-clear glass tank, innovative plant grow tray and optional one-touch LED lighting system, Vita™ makes it easier then ever for consumers to grow an indoor succulent houseplant from seed to adult while enjoying the tranquility of a fish.

“Vita is a simple, elegant way to add living decor to any room in your home or office. It truly brings happiness and an element of vibrancy to any space,” says Dennis Fredricks, CEO of Ecoxotic. “We wanted a simple product you could grow and interact with and Vita™ provides just that – the fulfillment of growing a plant from seed to adult while interacting with your fish everyday. ”

“It isn’t just living art, it’s more than that. Vita brings life into your home, it brings life into your work space,” says John Ciotti, Creative Designer for Ecoxotic. “It’s not just a thing that you set on your counter, it’s something you interact with and something that causes interaction. Just adding that little glimpse of life to your space makes every other mundane task just that much better.”

Vita in the kitchen.

Vita in the kitchen.

After several rounds of prototyping and testing, Ecoxotic has created a sleek and successful design crafted with the highest quality products. The aquarium is constructed of SuperBrite™ glass providing stunning clarity and spectacular color rendition. A matching semi-transparent grow tray provides the perfect environment to grow plants from seeds to adult while simultaneously filtering the water for the Betta fish by using fish waste as a nutrient. This natural aquaponics cycle is extremely efficient and requires no electricity. The optional LED lighting system provides the correct spectrum for plant growth while also illuminating the Betta fish and aquascape. An additional color changing LED highlights the glass tank edges, all controlled with a single touch.

“Obviously the severe drought we are currently experiencing in California has brought a lot of awareness to our water situation, ” says Eric Anderson, Founder and CEO of SeedCo. “We wanted to select a plant that anyone can grow successfully and later transfer it to a larger indoor gardening container or outdoors. After testing several types of plants, we chose a unique ornamental we grow locally – ‘Joe’ Pachypodium. It’s versatile, drought resistant, sprouts quickly and only needs three things: water, light and nutrients. Vita delivers all three in a rewarding, beautiful piece of decor and is a stepping stone to indoor growing done water wise. It’s a great product to bring awareness to hydroponics and aquaponics without the complexity. The presence of a plant inside a room also helps in air purification, similar to that of dehumidifiers“.

Vita in your living space.

Vita in your living space.

“It’s a well known fact that aquariums help reduce stress levels, can often lower blood pressure, calm the mind and help to alleviate anxiety. Combining an aquarium with an indoor houseplant provides the additional benefits of purifying the air and removing other harmful airborne pollutants, “says Ike Eigenbrode, Director of Product Development at Ecoxotic. “Vita provides a two-in-one solution allowing you to grow your house plant while simultaneously creating a clean environment for your Betta fish with practically zero upkeep.”

For two years Ecoxotic has been working on combining aquatics with indoor gardening in a simple, minimalistic way. Vita™ a project they’re very excited about. However, “We wanted to test the indoor growing market first and ensure we had the design right and ensure we had the market demand,” says Fredricks. Therefore, Ecoxotic has taken their idea to in an attempt to raise $25,000 in 45 days.

Vita™ will be available beginning October 13 on Kickstarter. If you’d like more information about Vita, please visit


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