AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents November/December 2015

30 Sep, 2015

Click here to buy the November/December 2015 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine!

Click here to buy the November/December 2015 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine!

Sweet Corys

Volume 4, Number 6

6     Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
8     Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff & readers

20    Sweet Corys—an overview of the Corydoradine catfishes and their natural habitats by Hans Georg-Evers
30    Rediscovery of a Phantom by Brian Perkins
36    A case of mistaken identity: Corydoras arcuatus by Steven Grant
38    Keeping and breeding Corydoras duplicareus Sands, 1995 by Wolfgang Kochsiek
42    Roseline Revisited: A closer look at India’s contentious native gem by Michael J. Tuccinardi
54    Takashi Amano: Aesthetic guide, spiritual father, inspirational human being by Steve Waldron
60    Husbandry & Breeding:  Part two: The Chilatherina Eleven by Michael Wagner
70    Reportage: Lovable Humpheads — Tanganyikan Cyphotilapia cichlids by Sergey S. Anikshteyn     
76    Husbandry & Breeding:  The Burmese Badis by Hansjürgen Dieke
82    Planted Tanks: A Russian forest  by Evgeniya Moiseeva

88     Aquarium Calendar: Upcoming events by Janine Banks and Ray Lucas
90     Retail Sources
92     Species Snapshots
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye by Morrell Devlin

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