AMAZONAS Video Picks: Wild Discus with Natural Partners

25 Sep, 2015

Wild Discus with natural partners – Rio Uatumã
Credit: R65  YouTube

Quite a lovely Amazon biotope aquarium with wild discus and an array of the species with which they associate.  The videographer says he was inspired by Heiko Bleher and Oliver Lucanus.

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  1. James Lawrence
    October 01, 2015

    LETTER to Editor Received

    A reader has responded to this video with a private note to the editor, which makes an important point, as stated here in edited form:

    “Editorial mishaps happen. Publishers and readers alike generally gloss over them, as I have typically done over the years.

    When I saw the “Wild Discus Biotope Aquarium” video I felt compelled to privately call your attention to the discus fish. They are emaciated. Skin is tight to skull. Their spines can even be discerned. No meat on the bones, color washed out, darkened eyes, breathing from one gill. Obviously sick fish.

    I’m used to seeing sick discus in the media…

    However, “Amazonas” appears to strive for excellence. Featuring a display of discus pathologies, I would think doesn’t meet your standards.”

    Editor: We will say, first, that the writer is correct in pointing out the problems with some of the discus in this video segment. As editors, we look at literally thousands of images of fishes and aquariums each month, and not all are flawless. In this case, we assumed that the tank shown was a work in progress. Other species in the tank appear healthy and well-fed. On balance, we still feel that the system was worthy of being shown, but the reader is correct in saying that, at very least, the emaciated state of some fish should have been noted. Other views are certainly welcome here.


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